Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sorento Healthcare Communications has won PATIENTS / CONSUMERS-PRESS – INDIVIDUAL Category Award for the creative titled ‘TSUNAMI’.

The Creative Floor Healthcare Awards are famously known as the toughest healthcare award show on earth. The only healthcare award show that re-invests a proportion of profits towards helping greater diversity, it helps untapped talent break into the healthcare communications industry. With a mission to inspire brilliant creativity, talent and diversity in healthcare communication agencies across the globe, no wonder every agency worth its salt is vying to enter, and hopefully, win a Creative Floor.

He says “Creative ads for diabetes quite often focus on the negative, using scare tactics on the lines of ‘ignoring diabetes leads to eye and kidney problems; if not properly diagnosed or treated, it can lead to amputation, blindness’ etc. But when the messages are refreshingly clear, and inspire you to learn or do more, it's worth noticing. The perspective needs to change, from blind fear to a slightly bent way of saying “You better beware.”

In the case of this creative, the entry point to diabetes is from an entirely unrelated issue – Global Warming. The planet is warming up, human activity being its primary cause. Global warming is a gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere, a change that is believed to permanently change the Earth's climate, and leading to rising ocean levels. It offered an interesting parallel to rising levels of diabetes in the Indian public, and the creative idea was born – Global Warning about Diabetes.
The idea was to change the grammar of the diabetes category. To give it a distinctive visual signature – one that will serve the objective of causing people to sit up and take notice of the dangers of diabetes, and to deliver a straightforward ‘We can change destiny’ message. As simple as that.”
When messaging is done right, and done creatively, it deserves recognition. And right now, no one deserves it better than Mahendra. Congratulations ! 

“The idea was to change the grammar of the diabetes category. To give it a distinctive visual signature.”

Sorento is India's most awarded healthcare advertising agency. The caliber to create great ideas and expertise has got Sorento Healthcare Communications into a global network called Indigenus. With 14 healthcare agencies around the world as its part, Indigenus is famous for its unique proposition ‘taste the local in your global’.

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