Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nicholas Hall in India


By Nicholas Hall, the Global Guru of OTC

Fueling the Growth of OTC Pharma Market in India: In a scenario when OTC market is growing faster than prescription market in India, pharma marketers are actively seeking growth opportunities within OTC domain. Strategies could vary from looking at launching new products, exploring opportunities to acquire brands from other companies, or planning to shift Rx brands into OTC domain. The strategies could be different, but challenges are common and yet multifold.

With the aim of aiding the industry in this journey, Nicholas Hall & Company (a global marketing consultancy and business intelligence company, http://www.nicholashall.com/) and CubeX (Business Intelligence division of Sorento Healthcare Communications, a leading agency in the area of healthcare communications in India, http://sorentohealth.com/) have together planned a workshop to help address OTC marketing challenges.

This one day workshop would be conducted in both Delhi & Mumbai in March this year

In the workshop Mr. Nicholas Hall will share the global perspective, research findings, together with trends and insights with relevant case studies. Key takeouts from these case studies would be correlated with the challenges OTC marketers face in India and draw appropriate learnings.

Additionally there would be a special session moderated by Mr. Nicholas Hall to get delegates express their issues / questions and get his valuable inputs on the same.

Other aspects of OTC marketing that would be covered include:

· The top line findings of the first ever syndicated study on "The role & influence of the Retail Chemist on OTC brands in India". A multi-city study spanning more than 1000 retailers, wherein almost all OTC categories and the leading brands therein have been covered.

· How to overcome regulatory challenges in India, with relevant examples

· A deep dive understanding on consumer behaviour in various OTC categories (an output of various researches done with consumers and other secondary data)

Finally, there will be guest speaker’s presentation in both Mumbai and Delhi on successful OTC brands. They will be sharing successful case studies and the strategies followed by them.


· Mumbai – 19th March, 2010


· Susan Josi – sjosi@sorentohealth.com Ph: 09820154921

· Anil Khanna – akhanna@sorentohealth.com Ph: 09818010597

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(Please note the Delhi Schedule has been cancelled. But we look forward to see you in Mumbai)

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